The Schoolhouse at Yellow Wood Success Academy

Yellow Wood Tutoring Schoolhouse program reaches home school students two or three days a week. All schoolwork is individualized to the student based on their Action Plan. Our program is geared toward students who thrive in a small setting with emphasis on cognitive training and individualized education services. 

Enrollment Opens April 1, 2017

What Makes Us Unique?


We provide a comprehensive cognitive therapy program to all of our students!


We evaluate students on cognitive and academic skills and create goals that are individualized to each child.


These classes cover Success Training, English, and Math and are taught in a 4:1 student-teacher ratio.


History, science, literature, and foreign language are taught in a max 8:1 student-teacher ratio and have an emphasis on projects, teamwork, critical thinking skills, public speaking, and research.


What we teach

All courses listed below are provided in private tutoring and in the cottage school.


Success Training

Cognitive therapy, strengthening skills such as attention, memory, processing, visualization, critical thinking, and comprehension.

Academic Coaching

Building up executive functioning skills like planning and prioritizing, flexibility, self monitoring, task initiation, organization, as well as study skills and note taking.

Social Skills

Focusing on impulse control, emotional control, expressing feeling, understanding another's viewpoint, teamwork, etiquette.


We use Math U See for all math classes, and students are placed in the book that best fits their skill level.


Resources for reading, grammar, spelling, writing, and handwriting are personalized for each student based on their Action Plan.



Students focus on nature study in primary ages and move toward more traditional sciences and labs in secondary classes


Primary classes work through a 4-year history timeline, while high school students learn U.S. History, U.S. Government and Civics, World Cultures, and World History


Students are placed in reading groups and read short stories and great books literature, focusing on summarizing and comprehension skills.

Foreign Language

Students learn Latin from age 8-14, and then have the option to continue Latin in high school or move on to a modern language.

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